Privacy Compliance for Educational Technology

Does Your Edtech Vendor Practice Privacy By Design?

Why Does Privacy in Education Matter?

The duty to educate is secondary only to the responsibility to protect the personal information of students of all ages. Over the past decade, data brokers have built surveillance into edtech tools and products sold to school boards, while cybercriminals continue to target educational institutions to gain access to private data. Managed Privacy Canada has the answers.

Adopt Proactive Privacy

Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) helps organizations and boards to adopt privacy by default, full functionality and proactive privacy measures to ensure privacy compliance and rebuild trust in schools where educational technology could lead to edtech privacy breaches.

Check Privacy Controls

MPC's PrivacyDash™ Edtech Privacy Portal helps to manage all educational technology vendor assessments, privacy education initiatives and incorporates a professionally curated reference library of essential privacy resources for administrators, educators and edtech developers.

Exercise Accountability

Leverage Privacy by Design as a set of fundamental principles driving the adoption of edtech in schools, vendors and educational institutions. MPC's Privacy Impact Assessment (Verify PIA™) program ensures that vendor risk assessments identify risks and prevent breaches before they occur.